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Children and Glasses

How to Pick the Best Glasses for Your Child

Getting the right optometrist prescription for your child's developing eyes is obviously the most important thing. But how do you find the best frames for your child's glasses? With so many styles and options to consider, it can be tough to know what to choose. Below are some tips from Livermore Optometry to make your shopping experience easier.

1. Star Power Picks

Your child's confidence is on the line when it comes to their glasses. You'll want them to feel good about wearing glasses as they grow and learn new things in life. Involve your child in the shopping process to see what catches their interest. Do they admire a favorite celebrity or athlete who wears glasses? Find a style similar to what they're wearing and watch how excited they get when they pick them out.

2. How's it Fit?

Even the hottest frame styles can look bad when it doesn't fit the right face. This is particularly true for children and glasses. You'll want a pair that's snug, but not too tight on their head. See how the shape of the frame looks on them. Certain shapes will look better on certain face types, such as round frames on square faces. The goal is to find a frame that will complement their overall appearance and personality.

3. Consider the Material

What kind of lifestyle does your child have? Are they a bookworm, an active athlete, or somewhere in between? Thick, heavy-duty frames can hold up to roughhousing, but thin metal or plastic frames may be more comfortable for young readers. Make sure you pick a style that complements their life the best.

Need some hands-on help with shopping for frames? Our optometrist office in Livermore, CA has the expertise to assist you. Contact Livermore Optometry Group today to learn more. Your child's face will light up when they find the best frames for them! You can call us at 925-447-3883 to schedule an appointment today!


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