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Livermore Optometry Group in Livermore, CA, is one of the leading optometry practices in the area. We treat a variety of conditions, including both vision correction needs and eye conditions. We also offer co-management, which involves an optometrist helping you through the preparation and recovery process from an eye surgery along with the care of the ophthalmologist who performed the surgery. Read on to learn more about co-management at our practice. 


Co-Management Care

One of the services that we offer at our practice is called co-management care. As you might already know, ophthalmologists, not optometrists, perform eye surgeries. However, we can still help you prepare and recover from eye surgery. Of course, your ophthalmologist will also be a big part of this process. We can give you info on what the surgery and recovery time may be like, as well as give you a referral to a top ophthalmologist in the area. Your ophthalmologist will perform the surgery. Afterward, we can help you through the recovery process with the aid of your eye surgeon.


There are many different eye conditions that are commonly treated with surgery. We can provide surgery co-management care for any eye surgery. Of course, there are some eye conditions that are more commonly diagnosed and treated with surgery. In fact, we often diagnose these conditions in our patients and provide a referral to an excellent eye surgeon. Some of the surgeries that we provide co-management care for include:

  • Age-related macular degeneration surgery
  • cataract surgery

We are dedicated to helping as many patients as possible, so we can certainly provide co-management care for other eye surgeries as well. Speak to an optometrist at our practice to learn more.

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Livermore Optometry Group in Livermore, CA, is here for all of your vision correction and eye care needs. If you need help preparing for or recovering from a surgery, our co-management care is the answer. If you have any questions about our services or about the conditions that we treat, you can give us a call at 925-373-1415 or send a message through our website. We can also help you make an appointment at a convenient time. Contact us today so that we may help you make an appointment for co-management care or any other vision correction or eye care needs that you may have.


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