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Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Importance of Regular Eye Exams

By working closely with your Livermore, CA, optometrist, you can maintain good eye health and vision over the years. Routine eye care is the best way to protect your eyes against diseases that can rob you of your sight. At Livermore Optometry Group, we recommend that consumers schedule annual eye exams to monitor their vision on a regular basis. Here are some ways an eye exam can help protect and preserve your sight.

Changes in Vision

It’s natural for people to have changes in their vision as time goes on. These changes may happen gradually, making it difficult for people to notice right away. Left unchecked, your vision could grow worse as time goes by, leading to major problems later down the line. Your Livermore, CA, optometrist can detect vision changes during a routine eye exam so you can take immediate measures to correct your sight. Depending on the problem, we may recommend prescription glasses, contacts or LASIK surgery to maximize your sight.

Eye Conditions and Diseases

Eye exams are used to detect eye conditions and diseases that can lead to vision loss. Many eye diseases aren’t apparent in the early stages as there are no symptoms to warn you that something is wrong. It’s only after the disease has progressed for some time that you may experience blurred vision, double vision, light sensitivity or night blindness. The sad truth is that usually by that time it can be too late to bring that lost vision back. By catching these diseases early, your Livermore optometrist can help minimize the damage caused to your vision.

Medical Conditions

Symptoms of certain medical conditions often show up in your eyes. These can be disclosed in an eye exam so you can get immediate treatment. Early detection and treatment of conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure can not only improve your physical health, it can help protect your eyes from damage that these diseases can cause.

See Your Livermore, CA, Optometrist for Routine Eye Exams

Never underestimate the importance of regular eye exams in protecting your eyes. To schedule an eye exam for you or any member of your family, contact Livermore Optometry Group at 925-447-3883 today. We’re here to meet all your eye care needs.


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